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John Freddy Arroyave Gutiérrez

1198 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by John Freddy Arroyave Gutiérrez 1198 days ago
John G Práctico notes by Camilo Aguilar
Camilo A A more decouple architecture is needed to ease maintenance and to attract collaborators
  • html, css, javascript should be out of the PHP code
  • Switch it to English? or at least offering an English version of the documentation. Source code should be in English with no doubt.
  • Separate Changelog from READMEDone
  • Give hints in README about how to find developer documentation and how to get startedDone
  • Revisit licensing, GPL would not allow people to sublicense derivate work. Apache license or Mozilla MPL 2.0 are good options. If you need to understanding how different licenses would affect your project go to https://tldrlegal.com/ or http://choosealicense.com/ DONE  Practico wants to be GPL v2
  • Today's web development should be mobile first. Mobile should be práctico's priority if you want to get more people interested in using the project
  • Get a designer as well as a frontend engineer for God's sake :P
  • Write Milestones in Github for next releases
  • Write unit tests! not need for full coverage, only happy path.

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